THE MINSK REFRIGERATORS PLANT founded in 1959 became one of the leading manufacturers of household refrigeration equipment within a relatively short period of time. Constant quality, reliability, practical design, diverse models and versions of fridges and freezers define firm steadfast stance of the enterprise in the market of household appliances.

Having fabricated its first refrigerator in 1962, the enterprise manifested itself as a developer of manufacturable and economical refrigerators. According to Minsk documentation, refrigerators were commercialized in many cities of the former Soviet Union: Alitus, Baku, Dushanbe, Kishineu and Samarkand. Afterwards, a two-compartment refrigerator and a freezer were developed and fabricated and foamed polyurethane heat insulation was applied for the first time in the Soviet Union. Supplying a batch of refrigerators to Greece in 1973 initiated successful activities of the enterprise in the world market.

In the 70ies and 80ies the Minsk Refrigerators Plant expanded its manufacturing, increases export of products, supplying them to such countries as France, England, Italy, Belgium, Austria, etc. The Plant became the parent enterprise of ATLANT Manufacturing Group founded in 1977.

At the beginning of the 90ies, when former economic ties were broken by political transformations and ATLANT Group actually disintegrated, they continued the activities on improving the output products at the Minsk Refrigerators Plant. This made a qualitative spurt possible. To add, organization works on establishing a new ATLANT Group, i.e. Closed Joint-Stock Company, were carried out. Development of a new generation of refrigerators started, based on ozone-friendly coolant, with "soft line" design, more low-energy, high-speed compressor, non-separable refrigerating unit and foamed condenser. Due to application of up-to-date equipment, refrigerator computer-added design and fabrication of precise machining attachments, application of latest materials and technologies, a new Minsk series 700 of refrigerators and freezers was developed, which possess all opportunities and advantages of up-to-date household consumer equipment.

Today thу Minsk Refrigerators Plant produces household refrigerators and freezers ATLANT, differing in volume (from 30 to 400 l), functional capabilities (single- and two-compartment ones, with top and bottom location of the freezer, with one and two compressors, with electronic control and display unit). Distinctive features of the fridge models newly developed and put into large-scale production include provision of two compressors, application of the door and cabinet zone-safe filling system, new exterior and interior design, parts fabrication of metal-base laminate and transparent polystyrene. When developing new models of household refrigerators and freezers ATLANT, article structures are perfected and their energy efficiency is improved.

Each refrigerator and freezer leaving the Plant line pass functional tests in accordance with the European quality, reliability and safety regulations. Therefore, Belarusian refrigerators and freezers are in constant demand both in the CIS and far abroad. The Minsk Refrigerators Plant supplies its products to Australia, Germany, Yemen, Latvia, Lithuania, Mongolia, Slovakia, France, Sweden, Estonia, etc. — altogether to 34 countries of the world. The buyers give notice of high quality, reliability and modern design of ATLANT refrigerators , which do not yield to the best world counterparts by their engineering parameters and are certified in prestigious European certified centers.

Increasing the output of household refrigeration equipment each, the enterprise expands manufacturing of ATLANT commercial refrigeration equipment . Refrigerated cabinets with the volume of 245 to 445 l, which include the models with advertising block, combined with a freezer, are in no less demand than household refrigerators and freezers.

Reliability of ATLANT refrigeration equipment is determined in many respects by the fact that quality management system in relation to the development, manufacture and maintenance of refrigerators, freezers and refrigerated cabinets, confirmed by the certificate of conformity to the International standard ISO 9001-2000 is used at the enterprise. The Plant also possesses ecological certificate of conformance to the requirements of ISO 14001-2000.

Lately the Minsk Refrigerators Plant has become known as the manufacturer of industrial equipment. The Plant has successful experience in creating automated and mechanized transport, storing and assembly systems, which can be used for any manufacturing line. Within the sort terms according to the customer's requirements, the enterprise produces air ducts and completing components for ventilation systems of high quality. Applying advanced technologies in designing and fabricating special manufacturing equipment also allows Minsk Refrigerators Plant fulfilling successfully the orders of other enterprises. Instrument production of the Plant offers designing at up-to-date engineering level of transfer molds, vacuum forms, die blocks, attachments; fabrication and introduction of machining attachments; training of rigging maintenance personnel. Besides, ATLANT Inc. produces technologically finished systems for plastic products manufacturing at the Baranovichi Machine-Tool Plant: different equipment for plastics processing, including thermoplastic automatic machines.

Long-term experience of creating qualitative and reliable products, development of own engineering base and application of latest innovations altogether determine the success and achievements of the Minsk Refrigerators Plant.


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