The Baranovichi Machine-Tool Plant is a branch of ATLANT Closed Joint-Stock Conpany .

The ceremony of the plant opening was in April of 1986. The plant was built as one of the factories of the production group for machines and automatic lines manufacturing.

In 1990 the Baranovichi Machine-Tool Plant became a member of ATLANT Closed Joint-Stock Conpany , and in 1993 the production of compressors for household refrigerators and freezers was organized. Within the shortest time the unique equipment was installed, adjusted and put into operation and compressors production under the licensed technology of "Sanyo"(Japan) was launcged. More than 25 million compressors were designed and produced during the plant existence.

Our plant production areas are:

Having a long experience of conveying systems manufacturing for complex household appliances production in 2005 ATLANT Inc. established production of conveying systems for seamless tube rolling millsat the Baranovichi Machine-Tool Plant.

Recently, the Baranovichi Machine-Tool Plant established production of small household appliances — electric kettles.

A Quality Management System has been implemented and maintained according to the requirements of STB ISO 9001 and STB ISO 14001.

The Baranovichi Machine-Tool Plant is famous worldwide. Our equipment operates in countries near and far countries.

Powerful industrial, research and experimental base, state-of-the-art technologies and professional stuff allow personnel of the company to develop equipment and products of high quality within short terms and to maintain long-term equipment ability.

The slogan of our company — «Love People and Earth» — is embodied in production of high quality, care of people and environment, and in good traditions.

In case your company is interested in the production, manufactured by Baranovichi Machine-Tool Plant we are ready to make a contract for its design, manufacturing and shipment. Our specialists will provide the detailed information and technical help.

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