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Products of ATLANT Inc., one of the leading company manufacturing consumer equipment in CIS, is of high quality and has gained recognition of the consumers.

ATLANT is known as a manufacturer of popular refrigerators and freezers. For more than 40 years they have been leaving the production line, having gained prestige of efficient and reliable equipment meeting high consumer demands. Not for nothing, refrigeration equipment from Minsk is known not only in our country and other post-Soviet republics, but also in many European states and even in distant Australia.

At present, ATLANT Group commercializes the manufacture of other products. Many people have come to like automatic washing machines, and entrepreneurs and trade organizations have highly evaluated the advantages of refrigerated cabinets of this brand. Recently the enterprise has produced its new developments to the market: a built-in electric range burner panel and an electric kettle.

Development of refrigerators, which correspond to consumer equipment of the highest level, has become possible due to the production of highly efficient compressors, organized at ATLANT Inc. Their application allows greatly decreasing power consumption by refrigerators and freezers; therefore the majority of compressors by ATLANT Inc. are exported. Lately, the enterprise has developed compressor models for refrigerators, based on isobutane coolant widely used in the world.

ATLANT Inc. also manufactures plastics processing equipment (thermoplastic automatic machines, drying units, feeders and batching units), conveyor equipment (creepers and roller conveyors, lifters for transport, storing and assembling systems), as well as equipment for enterprises for chinaware production.

Success of ATLANT Inc. is closely connected to high level of industrial engineering. The factories of ATLANT Inc. have introduced 3D computer designing of the products, use microprocessor technology, when testing new specimen products and apply rapid simulation technologies. All these have allowed increasing the quality of the developments, greatly reducing the time for production development and preparation, augmenting consumer properties of the products and introducing new trends in the manufacture of domestic electric appliances.

ATLANT Inc. itself fabricates different types of rigging for refrigerator and freezer manufacturing — die blocks, casting molds, molds patterns for products of foamed polystyrene and polyurethane, vacuum forms. Production facilities and many-year experience enable to fabricate high-quality rigging for any industry.

To increase the efficiency of manufacturing and to improve it, the enterprise has developed transport and storing systems, automated warehouses and storerooms.

Engineering capabilities of ATLANT Inc. allows quickly and qualitatively manufacturing air ducts and completing components for ventilation systems both its own factories and other enterprises.

Strategic objective of ATLANT Inc. is to develop own base in specialized equipment manufacturing and facilities to increase refrigerator output amounting to 1 2000 000 pieces, to expand the range of output products due to manufacture of washing machines, electric ranges and other consumer equipment.

To achieve the stated goals, ATLANT Inc. plans to continue updating the equipment, performing the works on engineering process automation, taking stock of the output products, as well as expending their range

Long-term experience of developing qualitative and reliable products, development of own engineering base and application of latest developments determine the success and achievements of ATLANT Inc.

ATLANT Closed Joint-Stock Company is a high-tech and dynamically developing enterprise. It keeps up to date and aims at manufacturing the products meeting at the most the demands of the contemporary consumer. Experience multiplied by the drive to be the first is the guarantee of success of ATLANT.