For decades, ATLANT has been keeping pace with the time, creating the best for its customers. The products of the Belarusian manufacturer are the embodiment of reliability, high quality and durability. A wide model range of washing machines ATLANT allows the consumer to choose a device that will fully meet his needs.

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The washing machine ATLANT40M102 of the MaxiFunction series is a multifunctional washing machine with a wide range of washing programs. It is ideal for apartments with small or narrow bathrooms.

This model of the washing machine compares favorably in its simplicity in use, presence of accessible and necessary washing functions. The washing machine provides the washing of such a high quality and it washes so carefully that your clothes will always look as good as new!


Due to its small dimensions, the machine can easily fit in places where the connection and the use of the machine will be as convenient as possible.

The AWM40M102 model of the MaxiFunction series has reduced overall dimensions: its height is 846 mm, width - 596 mm, depth - 328 mm, drum capacity - 30 liters.

The washing machine has a very simple control system: by turning the handle of the programmer you select a washing program, by pressing the buttons of the control panel you set additional functions.

The 40M102 machine provides a variety of programs, using which you can adjust the washing temperature, spin speed, postpone washing for up to 24 hours or turn on the additional rinse function.

The consumption of water and electricity by the washing machine depends on the fabric and the amount of the laundry. The machine of the MaxiFunction series may perfectly wash up to 4 kg of dry laundry. The maximum spin speed is 1,000 rpm.


Multiple washing programs of the washing machine ATLANT40M102 ensure the easy washing of things from cotton, synthetics, wool, as well as delicate fabrics, sportswear and athletic footwear.

The washing machine ATLANT40M102 of the MaxiFunction series has various useful washing programs: “Intensive Wash”, “Stain removal”, “Combiwash”, "Express Wash”, “Manual Wash”, “Easy Spin”.

The temperature selection button allows you to select the desired washing temperature, which depends on the set washing program. Using the spin speed selection button it is easy to select the spin speed below the maximum value set for the washing program.


Useful and practical functions of the washing machine ATLANT40M102 allow to remove any type of stains and you may be absolutely sure that even the most ground-in stains will be easily removed from your clothes.

  • Delayed Start (up to 24 hours) - after loading the machine and selecting the program, you may prepare for washing in advance (from 1 to 24 hours) to start the washing when it is convenient for you;
  • Preliminary Wash - heavily soiled things from cotton fabrics are additionally washed in water with a detergent at a temperature of 30 °C, which ensures a high quality of the stain removal during the main wash;
  • Presoak (from 1 to 2 hours) - by adding the presoak function to the washing program, you may ensure the ideal cleanliness of the washed laundry, even if it is incredibly dirty;
  • Additional Rinse (AntiAllergy) - another rinse is added to the washing program for children’s clothes and clothes of people with an allergy to detergents;
  • Easy Ironing - things from thin and delicate fabrics are washed and spun very carefully, leaving a minimum amount of wrinkles, which facilitates the subsequent ironing;
  • Stop with Water in the Tank is used for washing things from thin fabrics to reduce their creasing. When the function is turned on, water draining and final spinning are not performed;
  • Spin speed selection/washing temperature selection.

In addition to the useful functions and programs, the 40M102 washing machine has a sound alarm, which is activated when the machine is turned on, when the washing starts and ends. The machine has the light indicators for the washing operations and the duration of the washing, as well as for malfunctions and the state of the door lock.


The drum of the washing machine ATLANT40M102 is made of high-alloy stainless steel of high quality with a smooth surface, which ensures thorough washing, rinsing and spinning of the laundry without any damage.

The foam formation control allows to rinse the laundry without leaving any traces of the detergent. If the optimum level of foam is exceeded, the detergent is partially drained, and the amount of the rinse water automatically increases in the machine.

The washing machine belongs to the high energy efficiency class A +, it consumes 145 kWh of electricity per year. The annual water consumption is 7,000 liters and the nominal power consumption is 1,900 W.

The electronic balance control system (SmartBalanceControl) ensures the stable operation of the machine without excessive vibrations and noise: up to 59 dBA when washing and up to 74 dBA when spinning.

The warranty period for the washing machine of the MaxiFunction series is 3 years and its service life is 10 years.

The high quality of ATLANT products is ensured by thorough and comprehensive testing at all stages of production. Each detail of the washing machine is designed for the maximum convenience. The washing machine makes the washing process simple and effective, and a large set of functions allows you to remove any stains.

The washing machine 40М102 of the MaxiFunction series is a high-quality and reliable device from the Belarusian company ATLANT.